Fuck Facebook

November 15, 2018

Fuck #facebook.

It deserves to be punished, severely. But it won’t be. They are spineless assholes helping to destroy American #democracy.

If you think I’m exaggerating, you’re not paying attention.

Countries are actively trying and succeeding at dividing America, pitting American against American by means of social media disinformation. Divide and Conquer. It’s an ancient and powerful strategy that is actively being employed against us, and it’s been unbelievably successful. Every person who blindly shares posts that confirms their biases yet has no evidence to back their claims or does not verify claims is complicit. This platform actively supports those same people. This is a slow motion train wreck of America and our ideals. And this is only the beginning. Our generation will go down in history as the generation that sat idly by while allowing (what used to be) the greatest democracy on earth to be dismantled from the inside by our own lack of will to be even slightly inconvenienced. To fix this is going to require a great deal of inconvenience on everyone’s part which is why it will not be fixed.

Facebook Crisis

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