This is what is gross about Cobra

November 21, 2018

Cobra is gross!

Probably as much as 90% of a command line interface (argument and flag) definitions can be declarative. Why are so many of the libraries (and toolboxes) so determined to be so verbose even for the simplest of interfaces?!

I shouldn’t pick on Cobra. Most (all?) of these libraries have serious problems.

But all are better than the standard library’s ridiculous opinion that they should stray from the standard that everyone has been using for decades.

There are times when you should try to make things better, simpler. And sometimes you shouldn’t.

Go’s flag package sucks. The prevelance of packages that try to solve the problem proves this to be true. I believe they fell victim to their own attempt to simplify resulting them ignoring a good-enough, already relatively simple standard that the entire world is reasonably comfortable with: --xyz is one flag and -xyz is three.

BTW, urfave/cli is the least sucky.

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